Saturday, June 25, 2011

Couch to 5k. Again.

This is me several months ago:

And this is me now:

Standard disclaimer about photos of me: Neither of those are actually me.

So approximately 400 years ago, the Dr. gave me the verdict that that I had torn the ligament that holds the kneecap, well, on the knee. Otherwise it just becomes a cap. Which is what I had. Fortunately, he said I'd be back to normal in a month. Now here we are, 399 years and 11 months later, and I finally ran a 5k again. At less than half the speed I was running 10k's before.

Actually, I still don't feel in shape to do it, but the above race is put on the never boring and occasionally naked Boring Runner who promised a box of prizes like his old sunglasses and used sneakers if everyone would run the race from him, and I'm like, "Hey, who wouldn't want to run a race that only exists on the internet? It will fulfill all of the stereotypes my friends have of me. And then I did. And it looked like this:


Adam said...

That is so awesome! congrats. Although, that picture of your mri is creepy. Which, of course means I'm putting it in the race summary!

Tim "Palantar" Jones said...

Haha, nice Adam :)