Thursday, July 26, 2007

Shoes of Humility + 2

Look at them, sitting there smugly. They think they've foiled me, but I know where they sleep...

Ok, some background needed - I've finally managed to get up to running half marathon distances, and I have constant, completely irrational dreams of winning races. Some people just run for the exercise. Some people run so they can eat more. I run to win races. Full disclosure dictates that I mention that I am excruciatingly slow and have never finished better than the top third of any distance race I've ran, but the dream lives on.

Having run my last pair of shoes into the ground, I bought this pair, above, and they have proceeded to attack my feet at every opportunity. Today, I wasn't able to run more than 20 minutes in them before crippling foot pain and blisters forced me to walk back to my truck. Everyone passed me and gave me that look that meant, "Wow, you sure have a lot of running gear on for somebody who's just walking slowly." Even the tag-along friends gave me that look (that's the friend whose super-athletic best friend somehow tricked them into coming running with them). I definitely learned some empathy for the trail walkers today. Well played, Adidas Supernovas, well played, but I've got something to say to you: Yo mama was a rubber tree. Yeah, I went there.

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